Day 23 (June 17, 2020): Ketchum/Sun Valley, Idaho

Woke up to snow on the mountains above Ketchum and Sun Valley. The temperatures dipped into the 30’s overnight.

Ski Resort – Ketchum, Idaho

Ernest Hemingway spent just final years in Ketchum, Idaho. I located the street he lived on in his final years, but the house itself is closed and has very clear “No Trespassing” signs at the beginning of his street. Apparently the house has been vacant for almost 60-years.

Ernest Hemingway’s Street – East Canyon Run Blvd, Ketchum, Idaho
Hemingway Memorial
Hemingway Memorial
Hemingway Grave, Ketchum, Idaho

Drove to some hot springs outside Of Ketchum. The hot spring was a small pool located within a creek.

Points of Interest

Garage siding and fence made of old skis
Rapseed field

Drive from Ketchum, Idaho to Outside of Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Beautiful drive from Ketchum, Idaho to the Wyoming border. Stopped for the night at a campground next to a small creek.

Arco, Idaho – Number Hill (High School Graduating Class)
Arco, Idaho – Number Hill (High School Graduating Class)
Craters of the Moon National Monument
Craters of the Moon National Monument
Craters of the Moon National Monumentp

Atomic City

Atomic City was called “Midway” until 1950, as it is halfway between the towns of Blackfoot and Arco. The town had a larger population when the neighboring Idaho National Laboratory site was newer, known as the “National Reactor Testing Station” until 1975. Apparently there was a small meltdown in the testing station and the town never recovered.

Atomic City, Idaho
Atomic City, Idaho
Atomic City, Idaho
Atomic City, Idaho
Road outside of Atomic City, Idaho

Camping on the Wyoming boarder

Day 20 (June 14, 2020): Biking in Bend, Oregon & Hitting the Road

Started the morning biking the trails outside of Bend, Oregon. Bend has a very nice mountain bike trail system for all levels of skill.

Drove through the John Day Canyon heading east out of Oregon. Stopped for the night at in Depot Park in Prairie City heading to Ketchum, Idaho since many of the things to see I’m Washington State are closed.

John Day Canyon
John Day Canyon
Depot Park in Prairie City

Day 19 (June 13, 2020): Biking in Bend, Oregon

Biking up the Deschutes River today. It’s in the low 50’s today and threatening rain.

Riding along the Deschutes River
Deschutes River
Deschutes River

Had some pizza in downtown Bend overlooking the park on the river.

Downtown Bend , Oregon

Found the REI in town. Very cool building!


Camping this evening in the Deschutes National Forest. This area is right outside of Bend and actually crowded with folks that look like they are staying for the summer. Lots of old-school converted busses and ancient motor homes and campers.

Going old-school
Camping in Deschutes National Forest

Day 18 (June 12, 2020): Grand Teton National Park

Camped outside Jackson Hole, Wyoming last night. Got up before sunrise and drove over the hill to Jackson Hole.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Visited Grand Teton National Park. Bought some bear spray, as last time I was at Jenny Lake I had a run-in with a grizzly bear mom and cub. Hiked around Jenny Lake, up to the falls, and Inspiration Point. With the crowds and lack of social distancing, hiking in a mask was necessary.

Grand Teton National Park – Jenny Lake
Trail around Jenny Lake
Bought some bear spray this time!
Bear Cub – completely uninterested in anything I was doing.
Definitively answering the question – does a bear shit in the woods?
Apparently I was standing where the moose wanted to go!
People everywhere!
People Everywhere!
Jenny Lake from Inspiration Point
Hiking route – 10.5 miles

Sampled some of the local brew at Snake River Brewing company. Camped in the parking lot.

Snake River Brewing Company

Day 16 (June 10, 2020): Mt Lassen

Drove to Lassen Volcanic National Park.

The road less traveled
Mt Lassen National Park

Hiked Mt. Lassen 1,957 feet of elevation change in 2.5 miles. Made it up to the top in one hour 50 minutes. Portions of the trail are still covered with snow.

Mt. Lassen
Trail – switchbacks up the mountain
Trail covered in snow
Trail covered in snow
View from Mt Lassen
Looking up at Mt Lassen from the trail
View from top of Mt. Lassen
View from top of Mt Lassen – view of Mt Shasta in the background

Day 15 (June 9, 2020): Tahoe National Forest

Woke up to a rather busy camp with workers arriving first working on replacing polls for the multiple power and other lines running through the site. Another guy showed up for a run with his dog. Then the four-wheelers started to arrive.

Campsite in Tahoe National Forest

I’m camping close to where I spent many weeks each summer at scout camp. According to the map on my phone I’m about 3 miles away from my favorite swimming hole. My bright idea was to bike out there. How long could it take for a six mile round trip? Well . . . apparently 3 hours and 36 minutes to ride 10-miles because I missed a turn. Of course I didn’t have cell service out there so I couldn’t tell where I was relative to where I wanted to be. So, there was a little bit of trial and error.

The road less taken due to multiple wrong turns

The road – if you could call it that – was full of rocks, roots, mud, and water, up to 18 inches deep in places. I’m lucky that it was 70 degrees out because my feet where wet.

Riding the Jeep Trails
Riding the Jeep trails

I did finally come across the place I was looking for and it was just as great as I remembered.

Swimming hole on the South Fork of the Yuba River
South Fork, Yuba River
Waterfall to swimming hole
Waterfall to swimming hole

After the bike ride I headed to the van dealer in Reno, Nevada, as my back doors somehow got out of alignment and I could see light coming through. At the dealer I enjoyed their assortment of beverages and took advantage of a very clean restroom. Alas, they couldn’t fix the doors and sent me in my way. I went to the hardware store and got some weather stripping and some Gorilla Tape. I will perform surgery in the morning.

The Chimney: This chimney belonged to a restaurant built in 1935 and burned to the ground in 1960. There is a Christmas-eve tradition for locals to gather and light a fire, sing Christmas carols and toast those that have gone on to the golden hills.

Found a place to camp at Wilson Lake in the National Forest.

Day 14 (June 8, 2020): The Flume Trail

Began the morning at the Tunnel Creek Station Cafe to meet the shuttle that takes you to Spooner Lake that gets you to the beginning of the Flume Trail.

Bike rental and shuttle service

After being dropped off at Spooner Lake, there is a 4-mile fairly steep climb to get to the beginning of the Flume Trail. With the elevation of 8-thousand feet, the steepness and length of climb, I ended up pushing the bike up the hill after the third mile.

Climbing to the start of the Flume Trail

Back in the day, the flume began at Marlette Lake.

The Flume Trail itself is narrow with steep drop-offs. The views from the trail are beautiful.

Flume Trail
Flume Trail
Lake Tahoe – view from Flume Trail
Lake Tahoe – view from Flume Trail
Lake Tahoe – view from Flume Trail
Lake Tahoe – view from Flume Trail

Did some additional riding on the very beautiful Incline Village to Sand Harbor Bike Path.

Incline Village to Sand Harbor Bike Path
View of Lake Tahoe from Incline Village to Sand Harbor Bike Path

Path of Incline Village to Sand Harbor Bike Path

Drove from Tahoe, through Truckee, California and on to where I spent many summers at scout camp.

Marin Sierra Scout Camp
Scout Camp Main Lodge
Camping in Tahoe National Forest trailhead